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Speaker Stand


Base table stand 30” from the floor.

Base table is 26 1/2” x 19”

Tilting table is 21” x 13 1/2”

Height adjustment  46” to 52”

Weight  55 lbs.

Adjustable range is six inches

Model 101

¨ Easy to use

¨ Available in a large variety of colors

¨ Time tested design

The original Speaker Stand has been our most popular lectern.  As with all our lecterns, you can adjust the height of the reading surface as well as the angle.  A one inch lip prevents notes from slipping off the tilting table. There’s ample room on the base table for other notes or books. There’s even a version with a 115V AC gear motor.  A push of a button located on the back raises the reading surface. Available in three different hardwoods and with a large variety of finishes.







Electric version





Subtract $30.00


Add $200.00

Lectern pictured is made out of oak with an Early American stain

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